How to list your products on your Business Profile

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If your retail business has a physical store, you may already have a Business Profile on Google. You can make your profile work even harder by using it to share your in-stock products. In this lesson, we’ll show you how to start adding products to your profile through Pointy or manually.

Why add your products to your Business Profile?

Your profile already gives potential customers an easy way to find important information about your business, like where to find you, the hours you’re open, and how to contact you.

To make your profile even more useful, Google lets you show your inventory directly on your profile, so customers can see what products you have before they decide to visit your store. You can either set up automatic inventory updates or manually add products to your Business Profile.

Customers can click on the ‘Products’ tab on your profile to see your inventory.

Automatically update products on your Business Profile with Pointy

Pointy automatically adds your in-store inventory to your profile on Google. It’s a great solution for retailers who want to show their in-store products to shoppers searching online without needing to set up a website.

With Pointy, your products will be listed in the “See What’s In Store” section of your profile on Google. This means that when a customer searches for your store name on Google, they’ll be able to see what products you carry alongside other important information such as your opening hours and contact details.

Your products can also appear in free (non-ad) results across local Google surfaces, including Search, Images, Shopping, Maps, and Lens. This means that if a shopper searches on Google for a product you stock, your store has the opportunity to appear in that search result. From there, the shopper can get directions to your store or call you to reserve the item.

There are two easy ways to connect to Pointy. The first is through the Pointy box which is a small device that plugs in between the barcode scanner and point-of-sale (POS) system in your store. The second way is through an app that integrates directly with your POS system.

Connect to Pointy via the box or app, then scan your products as you sell them at the register. Pointy finds the names and images to match each product barcode you scan and the info is automatically uploaded to your profile on Google and to an online catalog for your store called a Pointy Page.

Pointy is free for retailers who connect via the app on their POS. For retailers connecting via the Pointy box, there is a fee for the hardware. For more information on set up and pricing, visit the Pointy Help Center or contact

Plug in your Pointy box and scan your products as normal and your inventory will be updated on Google automatically, so customers know what you have in stock.

Manually add products to your Business Profile

If you’d prefer to manually add products to your profile, you can do so with the Product Editor function in your profile.

Customers want to know exactly what product they’ll find in your shop before they visit. By showcasing the products your store carries on your Business Profile, you can help customers understand what you have to offer — and convince them to knock on your door.


Add your product inventory to your Business Profile

You can make your Business Profile on Google work even harder by using it to share your in-stock products

  • Option 1: Use Pointy to add your products to Google.

  • Option 2: Use the Product Editor to add products manually.