Drive reservations and food orders from your Business Profile

Standing out on Search and Maps

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As we covered in another lesson, your Business Profile on Google is one of the first things people find when they search for your business on Google Search and Maps, and it’s a powerful tool for connecting with potential customers.

Whether you run a restaurant, bakery, bar, food truck or another type of food business, customers today expect to be able to learn about what you have to offer, book a table or order from you — online. Your profile is here to help. In this lesson, we’ll explore four profile features you can use to help customers choose, book, and order with your food business.

Add booking and ordering options directly to your Business Profile

By offering booking and ordering options directly on your profile, you can make it simple for visitors to take action immediately.

A prominent booking or ordering button on your Business Profile makes it easy for customers to take action.

Google partners with many third-party providers for reservations and delivery, enabling you to add a booking or ordering button directly to your profile, front and center. It’s an easy way to get your customers on their way to a great meal.

Even if you don’t use a Google-supported provider, you can still easily add links from your profile to your preferred reservation or ordering pages.

Highlight services with attributes

To help customers choose you, make sure they have all the information they need up front. Some customers may be looking for a food business that offers a certain service, like curbside delivery or outdoor seating. Think about the special services you offer:

  • Do you offer take out or curbside pickup?
  • Do you have outdoor seating? Dine in?
  • Do you offer delivery or no-contact delivery?

You can highlight special services like these on your Business Profile by adding attributes to show visitors why your place is the perfect place.

Highlight services you offer on your Business Profile with attributes.

If you are announcing a new service and want to draw extra attention to it, highlight it with a post on your profile. Need some inspiration? Marketing kit offers free, customizable designs for posts.

Add your menu and photos to showcase your dishes

Make sure your customers have the details they need by adding your menu, complete with pricing, to your Business Profile.

If you already have an online menu — on your website, for example — you can easily add a link to it on your profile.

If you don't have an online menu yet, no problem. You can add your dishes and edit your menu on your profile directly.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a restaurant, photos help bring your menu to life. Many customers will want to see what your food actually looks like — so showcase your top dishes with plenty of mouth-watering photos, and encourage your customers to share their photos, too.

Read and respond to reviews to show you care

Be sure to pay attention to the reviews customers leave on your Business Profile. Respond to those reviews to show your customers that you’re listening, that you’re adapting, and most importantly, that you care. After all, reviews are an important factor for customers considering a new restaurant.

Not sure how to respond? Check out our tips for responding to customer reviews.

Responding to reviews on your Business Profile lets potential customers know you care.

See what you can learn from your reviews, too. Reviews often include extremely valuable feedback about how you can improve the dining experience, what customers like best, and how you can make their time with you even better.

People are always looking for their next favorite spot to grab a bite to eat. Put your Business Profile to work to help potential customers choose you.


4 ways to drive reservations and food orders with your Business Profile

Customers today expect to be able to learn about what your food business has to offer, book a table or order from you — online. Your Business Profile on Google is here to help.

  • Add a booking button and ordering options directly to your profile. Learn more

  • Highlight your special services with attributes. Learn more

  • Add your menu and photos to showcase your dishes. Learn more

  • Read and respond to your customer reviews to show you care. Learn more