Get leads and bookings with your Business Profile

Standing out on Search and Maps

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Your Business Profile on Google is one of the first things potential customers find when they search for your business on Google Search and Maps, and it’s a powerful tool for connecting with potential customers.

Did you know that your profile also offers features designed to help service businesses generate more leads and bookings? In this lesson, we’ll explore three features your service business can use to make your profile work even harder.

Enable direct messaging so customers can contact you

Not every customer is ready to hop on the phone or book an appointment right away. Many have questions, want to learn more about your services, or would like a quote first.

To bring these potential leads to your doorstep, be sure to enable the direct messaging feature on your Business Profile.

With direct messaging, customers have a quick and simple way to contact you and get the information they need. It’s easy — and it doesn’t require you to give out your personal phone number.

Direct messaging lets customers contact you right from your Business Profile.

You can even set up an automated welcome message that responds to customers right away. You might say something like “Thanks for contacting us! We’ll be in touch with you shortly.” Think of your automated message as your digital answering machine; it gives you a nice, friendly way to respond to customers promptly and let them know you value their interest.

When you’re ready to write back, you can answer questions, provide details, and even send pictures — all from within your profile. And, if you ever get too busy, you can always turn direct messaging off.

Ready to give it a try? Learn how to turn on messaging

Add a booking button to make appointments easy

For service businesses, the ability to let customers book appointments online is critical. By giving them this ability — and putting it front and center on your Business Profile — you may be able to encourage more potential customers to book.

Many service businesses use booking providers to help them schedule and track appointments. If you use a Google-supported provider, or decide to start, a booking button will automatically be added to your profile to make it easy for customers who find you on Google Search or Maps to book your services.

If you use a booking provider that is not currently supported by Google, no problem. You can still allow customers to book with you by adding a local business link to your profile.

Ready to give it a try? Learn how to enable bookings

List your services so customers know what you offer

If your business offers a standard set of services or has a few more common service types, you can list these directly on your Business Profile.

Help potential customers choose you by listing the services you offer.

Just like viewing a menu helps you understand what a restaurant has to offer before you pick where to eat, seeing what services a business offers can help your potential customers make a choice.

Listing your services front and center also gives customers the confidence that your business is a match for their job. By showcasing your areas of expertise, you can let visitors know they’ve come to the right place.

Ready to give it a try? Learn how to use the services editor

Your Business Profile is designed to help you make connections with potential customers. By following these three steps, you can make your profile work even harder to help you gather leads and secure bookings.


3 steps to drive leads and bookings from your Business Profile

For professional service providers, leads and bookings are key to expanding your business. Try these features to make your Business Profile on Google work even harder for you.

  • Turn on direct messaging so customers can ask questions or request quotes and appointments. Learn more

  • Set up online booking so customers can book appointments right from your profile. Learn more

  • List your services so customers can easily see what you offer. Learn more