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Getting your business online

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When it comes to getting your business online, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can be a quick way to get started. The two-way conversation on social media helps you connect with current and prospective customers to understand their needs, build trust, and encourage purchases.

While it’s fairly easy to establish your social media presence, it can be time consuming to maintain it. Before you get started, it’s important to create a plan and commit to the work.

This lesson covers the keys to making a social media strategy work for your business:

  1. Understanding the benefits so you can set goals
  2. Choosing the right platform(s) and getting started on them
  3. Prepping engaging content to post regularly
  4. Responding to feedback to keep the conversation lively
  5. Measuring success and optimizing your plan

You’ll also get tips for ongoing management of your social media accounts with less stress and more success.

The benefits of social media

In this video, we cover social media basics and how you can take advantage of these networks.

There are three ways your business can benefit from being on social media, including:

Keep these benefits in mind as you create your social media plan, making sure your strategy matches your business goals.

5 steps to success

You could just toss up a Facebook page today, but spending a little time planning will pay off. This video explains five steps to help you minimize frustration and achieve your goals.

In this video, we explore the basics of getting started with a social media site, the difference between business and individual accounts, and the importance of your profile.

Step 1: Pick your platform(s)

Social networks large and small can be effective, depending on what fits your goals.

Step 2: Create your business profile(s)

Establish your presence on the social networks you’ve chosen. You can do one at a time or several at once, depending on your resources.

Step 3: Start networking

Growing your following takes time, so start right away and don’t get discouraged.

Step 4: Post and chat regularly

A quiet social media page won’t help you achieve your goals, so it’s important to regularly share quality content.

Pro tip! Reuse content across different social media platforms to expand your reach. If needed, tweak it to fit the format and audience instead of starting from scratch. Try social media management tools like Hootsuite and Hubspot to schedule posts on several platforms and free yourself from a lot of the work.

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Stop hopping between channels with HubSpot Social Media Management tools. Easily publish to social networks in the same place you build campaigns and tie all activity back to your business’ bottom line.

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Step 5: Track and measure success

You’re not done until you’ve evaluated the impact of your posts and adjusted your plans to optimize your results.

It’s easy to create social media accounts for your business to connect with customers, build trust, and understand their needs — but it can be a lot of work to maintain them. A little prep work can save you from pitfalls by helping you choose the best platforms and design a content plan that’s feasible and effective. Plan to post, listen, and respond on social platforms to engage customers and adjust your plans for the best results.

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