Discover new ways to advertise a local business

The internet may be global, but you can still keep your advertising local. Show your ads to customers nearby at just the moment they need your services.

Local Services is a game changer. All the calls from new customers are coming from Google.

Luis Gonzalez, Owner, Roses Cleaning Corporation

More people than ever before are using Google Search to find service providers near them. This creates an opportunity for advertising your business locally. You can show your ads at the exact moment people nearby are searching for the services you offer.

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Book local jobs with online ads

When you search online for a nearby service, you may see a Local Services ad like the one below.

These ads are tailored to the needs of local service providers. You can set your ads to only show up for people in your area when they’re looking for the types of services you offer. Plus, customers can call or message you to book your services directly from the ad.


Set a budget that works for you

Local Services ads give you the flexibility and control you need as a small business owner. You’ll set a budget based on the number of new customers you want each week. You’ll only pay for leads, like when people use your ad to call or message you. And, if your schedule fills up or you go on vacation, it’s easy to pause your ads.


See all your leads in one place

You’ll be able to manage all your leads from your account dashboard, keeping your customer contacts organized and easily accessible in one place. You’ll also get helpful reports that show how many bookings you're getting from Google, so you know how well your advertising is working.


Get a Google Guarantee badge

When you hire someone to fix your sink or clean your house, you’re looking for a combination of qualities: honesty, trustworthiness, and experience, to name a few. Same goes for when a customer hires you to perform a service. That’s where the Google Guarantee badge comes in — it can help you build a great reputation online.

Rose's Cleaning

Google Guaranteed

When you have the Google Guarantee, your ads will carry Google’s green check badge. If your customers aren’t satisfied with work quality, Google may refund up to the amount paid for jobs booked through Local Services ads, with a lifetime cap for coverage.

Having the Google Guarantee badge can help you build trust with potential customers and boost your business’s online reputation.


Sign up as a service provider

To start using Local Services ads, you’ll need to sign up as a service provider. Some of the types of services included are HVAC, cleaners, movers, plumbers, electricians — see the full list to know if Local Services ads are right for you.

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