Get more insight into your website traffic

Providing a smooth web experience can make all the difference with your online marketing. Use website stats and insights to understand how your site is performing, and how to improve it.

Being an entrepreneur is an endless journey of solving problems. Google Analytics gives us the data we need to make well-informed decisions.

Ahmed Mady, Owner, Fab Glass and Mirror

When it comes to doing business online, it’s essential to measure how people engage with your website. What kind of online behavior leads to purchases? Where do people run into barriers on your site? Digital analytics can help you understand your web traffic so you can make your website even better.

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Make your website even better

Once you set up Google Analytics, you’ll gain insight into how people are using your website.

For example, you can see how many users visited a page that sells product A versus a page that sells product B. Or you can determine how many users actually made it to the purchase confirmation page.

Google Analytics can even determine the web traffic source, which is what brought users to the site in the first place. This might be a search engine, an advertisement they clicked on, or an email marketing campaign.


Get a deeper understanding of your customers

Understand how real-time visitors interact with your site: which countries users visit your site from, which pages receive the most visits, and info as specific as what days and times you get the most web traffic. All of this can help you measure how well your website is working and identify places you can improve the experience for your customers.


See how you’re doing over time

With all your new website statistics, you’ll be able to create reports and dashboards to better visualize the information that is most important to you, giving you the ability to monitor progress over time.


Measure what matters by setting goals

Let’s say you want users to spend a certain amount of time on your site or perhaps you want them to watch a video you’ve uploaded. Business goals are actions you want a user to take.

Google Analytics can give you a deeper understanding of whether your site is built so that a visitor’s experience is aligned with your goals. Do users drop off in the process or actually take the desired action?

These types of website insights can help you make informed decisions on how you should tweak your site to increase the likelihood that users will complete that goal.


Turn on Google Analytics for your website

Your website provider can help you enable Google Analytics for your site.

See how with Shopify
See how with Squarespace
See how with Wix
See how with Wordpress

Using another platform? Check with your provider or visit the Google Analytics Help Center.

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